Monday, July 28, 2008

homeboy!! sandman!!!

some people i know are just stand up people. Not because they are twice my size in height, but also because of their poise and approach to a scene where many a un educated and ruffian like beasts choose to intoxicate themselves at every event. At these events they choose to come

In the age of dinosaurs... it was known for brontosaurus' to eat vegetable. Tyrannosaurus' to eat meat, and ford Taurus' to take unleaded fuel.

Now out releasing "actual factual pterodactyl," I must say that this ivy league unsigned hype in the source mag has managed to be a loyal hip hop supporter as well as the most talented artist in the building who is above 6''....luckily I am 5' 8 and 3/4 so royce da 5''9 is in a whole different league...Here at Everyone is Jewish, we love to support out peers. Homeboy Sandman is one of them.

check out his bomb diggity siggity spliggity wiggity stuff at spend all your money on him...also if you believe you can fly go to

for more ways to learn how to fly on a actual factual pterodactyl's back 75mph at 3,000 feet above sea level while simultaneously rapping check out

Friday, July 25, 2008

NEW AESOP ROCK TOUR DATES with some special friends!!

Kosha Dillz will be accompanying fellow Yak Ballz on a summer tour with none other than Aesop Rock. Also on the tour will be Lucky I Am of the Living Legends.

15th -Roxy Boston, Mass
16th- Toads Place New Haven, CT
19th-Trocadero Theatre- Philly, Pa
20th- 9:30 Club- Washington DC
22nd -Skully's DIner Columbus O
23rd- Abbey's Pub Chicago, Illinois
25th-Nutty's North Sioux Falls, South Dakota
26th-Pizza Luce Duluth, Minnesota

expect every show to be sold out!

for those who can't get in to these big shows,
Yak Ballz and Kosha Dillz have announced will have somespecial treats for the fans

21st- Chief Ike's- Washington DC
24th-Reptile Palace- Oshkosh, Wisconsin
27th-Ghastof's -Minneapolis Minnesota

check out the blogs:

please note: this is not a solo set for kosha dillz. kosha dillz is doing back up vocals and guest appearance on YaK Ballz set..
not officially on bill as solo artist.

interesting news: kosha dillz will be the first israeli to ever back up an iranian on stage...thats right..we have a chance to exploit something CNN worthy....most like the media will attack it so us here at Everyone is Jewish has decided to jump all over this news worthy debate before it leaks out to the masses.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

exotic + weird = Perseph One

In my travels to and from many Shuls across the great land of America I have met many a interesting people. Here at Everyone Is Jewish, which can be described as a hip hop blog on life that is dedicated to bringing out the inner Jew in you along with your 6 degrees of separation from woody Allen, we hope to expose the greatness in many people.
After my first tour "everybody likes me" in the summer of 2007, I met this lady name Perseph One out of Houston and when I asked for an e-mail (on my e-mail list) she actually signed me an autograph. After i seen the autograph i asked for her e-mail and she gave me another autograph.

So she got some burn out there in the city of H and is making her way to Austin's favorite spot Emo's to rock with none other than fellow rumored to be Jew Aesop Rock this Friday be sure to buy all her merchandise when she confuses you with big intense lyrics you would here out of a "big intense" person? Yeah i guess that's a good description. She spits hard and more importantly she is from Kansas City and I enjoyed that little city. She also rocked right before Embedded/Def-Jux Showcase at SXSW this year so you know its something fresh on the come up.

Perseph One is named after a Greek Goddess, and know who kills them.

oy vey you...i mean Ey you...the gangsta video

for more fun things about KOsha Dillz and his cool journey in life

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

oh mom is coupons and hip hop

you know how your more mom is cute when you see this left over in the computer printer. I think its just awesome how parents come from the old country and live dollar to dollar. This is so hip hop to me and defintely where i get my hustle ( it must be, thankg-d Im not cheap, Im old country!).
I also got a new baby niece this morning to let you know. althouh it doesn't have much to do with computer coupons and hip hop I do realize every dollar I save with a computer coupon like my mom does may go to a family member for something else.

speaking of presents, i need to baby outfits and one for my aba too!!his 62nd b day is tomorrow!

computer coupons here I come!

for songs about computer copupons and other cute gifts in jewish memorabilia please visit

Friday, July 18, 2008


Good Shabbos all my hood prophets. You know the fun doesn't stop at this blog ever. I ts bee a rough week under the weather with a virus and all that, but hey...
you gotta make sure the rabbi of the week is ready to accept honors.

this week we have bobble head rally rabbi of the San Francisco giant. He is quit the religious bobble head so just know about it like Big lebowski. don't bobble on shabbos!!
august 8Th is Jewish heritage night at the stadium and he rallies the Jews up.

Big up to Rabbi Yosef Langer. Take me out to the matzoh baaaaaaaaaaallllll game!!!

word up...and that's your Rabbi of the Week!!!

termanology and DJ VLAD JEWISH??

im not totally sure guys. I know personally termanology is one of my favorite emcees out there. Im not sure if he got the big Benz and all that. But Hey... I like gangsta spitting and all that but the big question is at Everyone is Jewish;
Is DJ VLAD Jewish?

get out your Jew-dar. Take a close look.

let us know!!!

sick freestyle though

Saturday, July 12, 2008

cops of the week!

here at EVERYONE IS JEWISH, we take great pride in stupidity of our fellow law enforcers especially when we so depend on them to protect us with our high paying tax dollars. IN the latest incident which makes me feel in the safest environment for a child, lets all just take a trip to Dallas. The article below tells us that Dallas certainly has a lot more to deal with than Cowboys and Indians!

updated 8:13 a.m. ET, Thurs., July. 10, 2008 (AP)
DALLAS - Police didn't have to go far to find $400,000 worth of cocaine — it was in an undercover car they'd been driving for two months.

An officer cleaning the car at a patrol station Wednesday discovered the nearly 50 pounds of cocaine carefully hidden in hydraulically controlled compartments.

"These compartments have recently been more and more popular with drug operations," said Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, commander of the narcotics division.


now lets all take a deep breath to know that the next car we buy, insane Jewish mafia people will be attacking us for no apparent cheaper reason than gas prices and the 400,000 dollars worth of crack they are missing. Why thank you mister officer.

for more great music about how our nation is so intelligent and how George Bush wasn't to record a song with Kosha Dillz, please click the links below.

Friday, July 11, 2008


so you know that hip hop dont stop in the name of shabbos. PLease check out legendary Rabbi of the week which you cna get to view before every shabbos. Between much deliberation of rabbi to rabbi, we have awarded the "Rabbi of the Week Award" to Jay-Z.

He is the honorary rabbi since he has worked with virutally every Jew in the industry like Scot Storch, Rick Rubin and Lior Cohen.
To top it off, We heard that Jay-Z is a big fan of Kosha Dillz. Yea!
Right! and he also loves pickles.

After looking through thix year's Lakewood Yeshiva rabbinical school year book, it was no surprise that Jay was right there with the best of them. Look how so fresh and clean he is with his prayer shawl...

for more superjewishsonic excitement till next week's "Rabbi of the week" feel free to check out Kosha Dillz' myspace here

also check out the Boulder Rabbi of the week Shout out!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

weird you tube religous beef sans the islam/christ stuff

i foud this everyone loves allah post..

in the end..they all bow down to JEWTUBE democracy and find out that this false prophet stuff could all be iller if they just became kabbalists like Madonna.

Mazel Tov to all my readers, his accent gives away he isnt jewish, (my beeples) but the fact that he talks about big noses means "real recognize real.!"

for more love on the fact that kosha dillz has a small jewish nose, click here for great sing along music.

holiday video from freestyle vs written

coconut records west coast

and i miss you I'm going back home to the west coast...i miss my friend man. I had a falling out.real Jews would unite. He isn't Jewish ..I'm selfish..and this band takes the day away even with clouds. They also remind me to do some sick stuff!!like these tote bags...NEW MERCH?? well that'd cheer me up.

with bags and get kosha dillz all over it!
wait a second the band member is Jason Schwartz man....that gotta mean something..enough to put him on!!! woo hooh
oy vey all day.KD I'm out

"come on everybody"!!

check them'll cheer you up when you want to move away!

to a place like this

if you wish to cheer up the saddened kosha dillz click here and make it all better
just kidding...I can be that sad....We survived the holocaust!! baruch hashem

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

jewish mexicanos

yeah thats right people....recent songs stuck i my head are mmm bop (hanson) and also feliz navidad.

but dont forget about the los judeos locos.

feliz channukah...feliz channukah!!

also if your hombres do pass, bring the banjos to a mexican shiva as pictured below.

or hey...check for more cool hebrew jew mexican stuff raps at

Sunday, July 6, 2008

famed black revolutionary indie hip hop artist C Rayz Walz has stepped down from his reign of Bronx Hip Hop-Utopian lifestyle and decided to become a law abiding religious Jew. After seeing fit that performing at the Krakow Poland Jewish Festival last year, he has officially decided to step into the klezmer scene.
Although no one is familiar with his 15 album releases, the sure sign of his side burn growth will be sure to appease the Chasids overseas.

More info at

Everyone is jewish

Hey everyone. the introduction is as so...

many people hate jews...many people love them ...

but as a fellow member of the tribe i gotta say...EVERYONE---I mean EVERYONE is jewish!!!

thats right. Everyone loves Israel. Even the terrorists...everyone wants George Bush to lead our USA forever. Everyone wants to be down withtheking just like RUN DMC.
Everyone loves to listen to Matisyahu. We all want Ariel Sharon to wake up out o the coma. Sarah Silverman is therapist Theresa wishes to be a Jew. All broke people say jews have all the money.


welcome to my blog about who even the Irania president wants to be Jewish. Stay Tuned.

more fun at