Wednesday, July 23, 2008

exotic + weird = Perseph One

In my travels to and from many Shuls across the great land of America I have met many a interesting people. Here at Everyone Is Jewish, which can be described as a hip hop blog on life that is dedicated to bringing out the inner Jew in you along with your 6 degrees of separation from woody Allen, we hope to expose the greatness in many people.
After my first tour "everybody likes me" in the summer of 2007, I met this lady name Perseph One out of Houston and when I asked for an e-mail (on my e-mail list) she actually signed me an autograph. After i seen the autograph i asked for her e-mail and she gave me another autograph.

So she got some burn out there in the city of H and is making her way to Austin's favorite spot Emo's to rock with none other than fellow rumored to be Jew Aesop Rock this Friday be sure to buy all her merchandise when she confuses you with big intense lyrics you would here out of a "big intense" person? Yeah i guess that's a good description. She spits hard and more importantly she is from Kansas City and I enjoyed that little city. She also rocked right before Embedded/Def-Jux Showcase at SXSW this year so you know its something fresh on the come up.

Perseph One is named after a Greek Goddess, and know who kills them.

oy vey you...i mean Ey you...the gangsta video

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Anonymous said...

one time i saw p rock a house party and it was the shit. no lie.

sew what said...

this woman i amazing and brings light into the swampy bayou city

kosha dillz said...

word ill she has super love here on everyone is jewish.