Friday, July 11, 2008


so you know that hip hop dont stop in the name of shabbos. PLease check out legendary Rabbi of the week which you cna get to view before every shabbos. Between much deliberation of rabbi to rabbi, we have awarded the "Rabbi of the Week Award" to Jay-Z.

He is the honorary rabbi since he has worked with virutally every Jew in the industry like Scot Storch, Rick Rubin and Lior Cohen.
To top it off, We heard that Jay-Z is a big fan of Kosha Dillz. Yea!
Right! and he also loves pickles.

After looking through thix year's Lakewood Yeshiva rabbinical school year book, it was no surprise that Jay was right there with the best of them. Look how so fresh and clean he is with his prayer shawl...

for more superjewishsonic excitement till next week's "Rabbi of the week" feel free to check out Kosha Dillz' myspace here

also check out the Boulder Rabbi of the week Shout out!


tHe tRaNsiEnt said...
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tHe tRaNsiEnt said...


kosha dillz said...

yeah man i love it..everyone is jewish!!! the lover boy palestine/nazi lovers.