Wednesday, July 9, 2008

coconut records west coast

and i miss you I'm going back home to the west coast...i miss my friend man. I had a falling out.real Jews would unite. He isn't Jewish ..I'm selfish..and this band takes the day away even with clouds. They also remind me to do some sick stuff!!like these tote bags...NEW MERCH?? well that'd cheer me up.

with bags and get kosha dillz all over it!
wait a second the band member is Jason Schwartz man....that gotta mean something..enough to put him on!!! woo hooh
oy vey all day.KD I'm out

"come on everybody"!!

check them'll cheer you up when you want to move away!

to a place like this

if you wish to cheer up the saddened kosha dillz click here and make it all better
just kidding...I can be that sad....We survived the holocaust!! baruch hashem

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