Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i guess i have to write about this stuff because here at EIJ, we take pride in our representation of the artist. I got some new pics up of our super duper aesop rock tour and video is coming soon I promise land you!

i want you all to realize that the most important thing in sales is showing up to the sale early. In all regards to being professional, early bird catches the worm . And as getting ready for a show with 500 people isn't enough pressure, try doing it in front of the best artists in the game. (indie hip hop)

I hope you all show up to work on time, just like all jews should.

oh yeah freestyle vs written

august 26th be professional and get freestyle vs written. 111

Thursday, August 14, 2008

audible hype DIY

Here at EIJ
we like to take not in the observance of great things. These great things are of random stumbling and super cool finds like the blog at audible hype.

I ran into it from the findings an although his relations are not completely Jewish, there is definitely signs of it through his dedication to the DIY mentality. Look for deep yet concise insight on musical advancement, (particularly hip hop) in regards to sale mechanisms and other cool friggin cool stuff..

cool friggin cool stuff?

yeah that's right. Audibly Hype write about cool firggin cool stuff. It makes sense because they address the clear cut answers for the every day artist who can't seem to know what they are really doing this for. Definitely refer to them before heading out on the road next time and make sure your stuff is in order. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you like DIY, or ha vent accepted the fact that no one has signed your band to a label yet and never will, this sight can give boost to your current situation with little gems of such.


kosha dillz

ps. make sure to check me on tour with aesop rock this upcoming week and freestyle vs written, the lp with c rayz walz done in less than 24 hours recording time,comes out

august 26th i tunes! october 14th in stores!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ill Bill-Jews that kill!-hebrew-national(nill)

certain people just know what they're doing. He is as Jewish as they get in gangster form. Now you know.. if you didn't. Check it out 9/16 at fat beats. Non-Phixion style like Hebrew national

I wonder where he's eating this shabbos?

Monday, August 4, 2008

the old Galapagos ...puerto ricans love Street fighter jews

When asked about Israel, J-Hon, the Turkish barbarian, would grab the energy on stage and really show everyone whats up.

He is a very loyal kat.

A favorite song of mine for sure he was spitting(besides eturnals face smack),this man J-Heez represents the only country that ever ripped my dad off. (yes, the Turks took money from my dad at 14 for ciggs and they never came back)
J-Hon would make my ABA proud.

so anyways the night was filed with cool peeps. Shout out to Zeps for putting it down. its always a big ordeal with typical Zeps craziness (going till 3 am) street fighter Jew, (I mean street figther 2)

I love Wee Bee Foolish (a big influence in most of our hip hop styles of being cool)

and yeshua da Po Ed so yo know I had to drop the flic

But you gotta think about the stuff that stands out. There was this girl who was cute and Russian looking. She said she was from Brighton Beach. (and I knew she was after that)

Now her name is Damanilz, shes a dope lyricist that might be mixed up with some wrong stuff (in regards to listening to her lyrics) but you can tell she knows how to spit.
I do favor how that sounds, Kosha Dillz and Damanilz (diamond nails)
I'm waiting for her flow to get more polished but her youth and lack of awareness is exactly what I see in a star. Shes off the chain with it. She might even take you chain.
I really hope she behves and stay out of trouble and gives herself a chance to shine.

DOs Vedanya you puto-mari-cone shalom heads.!

Check her and J heez in this pic below outside. I'm not sure who else they with.

ofcourse everyone who was here most defintely knows that my september 10th show goes on at the knitting factory. I hope all these people roll up for the hugest freestyle vs written cypher!


anyways...Everyone Is Jewish...even J heez and Damanilz!

also check out great music stuff like Freestyle Vs Written
and other Jewish stuff like this site about pickles

Friday, August 1, 2008

Eternia is better than most for Eternia-ty!!

Her voice is fierce. Her looks are fresh..yaddi yaddi yah... you know how all those people write about chicks in rap?
i think its corny. They would never say about dude rappers...
"his voice is deep, his voice is fierce, his looks are fresh"

I checked out Eternia a minute ago and I am confident that she will be just fine with out any of that hey I'm a chick press. Shes better tha most dude rappers and most rappers are poo poo anyways. In fact there are more bad musicians then bad music, so a good one is really cool to see. and she has music videos..that's gangster! More importantly, she makes a living doing this! That's a beautiful thing and...that reminds me of that song "Independent Woman."
so check it out...speaking of such favorite rappers who wear skirts, she has a new shirt called "My favorite rapper wears a skirt" I don't think this will come up right in the blog, but I'll and her shirt is really cool I promise


but yo.. to get specifc..she also has this "Many man" song and she calls out the fact that dudes jock her.(dudes why do you do that? ) Well I always like a "buiness woman." A broke chick is the WORST! and this is sanz all the rappin...if you arent broke in this game you can last for eternia-ty.

I don't think shes Jewish (to my disappointment) but she'll always be welcome anywhere with me for shabbos dinner:)

in her spare time Eternia likes to Knit, take walks in the park, and tour Europe with people like Bahamadia and Wordsworth. They are famous BTW.

to find out who the Kosha Dillz
crush of the day is, click here!

dont be jealous girls...dont be jealous!