Monday, August 4, 2008

the old Galapagos ...puerto ricans love Street fighter jews

When asked about Israel, J-Hon, the Turkish barbarian, would grab the energy on stage and really show everyone whats up.

He is a very loyal kat.

A favorite song of mine for sure he was spitting(besides eturnals face smack),this man J-Heez represents the only country that ever ripped my dad off. (yes, the Turks took money from my dad at 14 for ciggs and they never came back)
J-Hon would make my ABA proud.

so anyways the night was filed with cool peeps. Shout out to Zeps for putting it down. its always a big ordeal with typical Zeps craziness (going till 3 am) street fighter Jew, (I mean street figther 2)

I love Wee Bee Foolish (a big influence in most of our hip hop styles of being cool)

and yeshua da Po Ed so yo know I had to drop the flic

But you gotta think about the stuff that stands out. There was this girl who was cute and Russian looking. She said she was from Brighton Beach. (and I knew she was after that)

Now her name is Damanilz, shes a dope lyricist that might be mixed up with some wrong stuff (in regards to listening to her lyrics) but you can tell she knows how to spit.
I do favor how that sounds, Kosha Dillz and Damanilz (diamond nails)
I'm waiting for her flow to get more polished but her youth and lack of awareness is exactly what I see in a star. Shes off the chain with it. She might even take you chain.
I really hope she behves and stay out of trouble and gives herself a chance to shine.

DOs Vedanya you puto-mari-cone shalom heads.!

Check her and J heez in this pic below outside. I'm not sure who else they with.

ofcourse everyone who was here most defintely knows that my september 10th show goes on at the knitting factory. I hope all these people roll up for the hugest freestyle vs written cypher!


anyways...Everyone Is Jewish...even J heez and Damanilz!

also check out great music stuff like Freestyle Vs Written
and other Jewish stuff like this site about pickles

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