Friday, August 1, 2008

Eternia is better than most for Eternia-ty!!

Her voice is fierce. Her looks are fresh..yaddi yaddi yah... you know how all those people write about chicks in rap?
i think its corny. They would never say about dude rappers...
"his voice is deep, his voice is fierce, his looks are fresh"

I checked out Eternia a minute ago and I am confident that she will be just fine with out any of that hey I'm a chick press. Shes better tha most dude rappers and most rappers are poo poo anyways. In fact there are more bad musicians then bad music, so a good one is really cool to see. and she has music videos..that's gangster! More importantly, she makes a living doing this! That's a beautiful thing and...that reminds me of that song "Independent Woman."
so check it out...speaking of such favorite rappers who wear skirts, she has a new shirt called "My favorite rapper wears a skirt" I don't think this will come up right in the blog, but I'll and her shirt is really cool I promise


but yo.. to get specifc..she also has this "Many man" song and she calls out the fact that dudes jock her.(dudes why do you do that? ) Well I always like a "buiness woman." A broke chick is the WORST! and this is sanz all the rappin...if you arent broke in this game you can last for eternia-ty.

I don't think shes Jewish (to my disappointment) but she'll always be welcome anywhere with me for shabbos dinner:)

in her spare time Eternia likes to Knit, take walks in the park, and tour Europe with people like Bahamadia and Wordsworth. They are famous BTW.

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dont be jealous girls...dont be jealous!


Eternia said...

awww u rock
is it corny if i comment on my own post?
GOOD! I come from a long line of cornatarians.
as i was saying,
thats nice
one thing tho!! hasn't been updated in eons
so uhh :-)
for the good ppl
some quoatables in there!

Eternia said...

i been 'star-spotted' as Barbra Streisand's daughter on more than one occasion.
if that doesn't make me an honorary Jew, I don't know what does :-p

kosha dillz said...

word...i got all excited about the fans commenting but i realzie it our conversation extended on our own blogging...
the good life!