Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ZFA and hieroglyphics and kosha dillz!!

wow...you would never think to se a show like this..but revolutionairy speaker Yehuda Hakohen of zionist freedom alliance takes the stage with Pep Love of Hieroglyphics and kosha dillz.

THe real occupation is TBD...with a show like this...what do you guys think??
a day time show is always great for impact...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

cymarshall law not to be broken!!!

Hey all your super jewper stars....
I got great news...Freedom for all...and justice for all of them too!
Yeah we gotta new president..and new music..and new stuff..and I'm going to LA..and I cant bring my friend cymarshall law with me...but instead..we will give you some new music from his new album...

yep... briefly, I may tell you he is very successful. He works hard and is dedicated to the love of his art. To all my overseas readers...this guy is visiting there often, so be sure to support him by sending him a message on myspace and saying...
wow...Everyone is Jewish they're so cool for covering your awesome music, and that why I'm gonna buy it from you!!

hey KRS ONE??? not too shabby...

check out his myspace here

you can buy the album "Hip hop in the soul" on i tunes and even feed cymarshall law when he is hungry in Hungary...

Live While You Can
Control feat. KRS-ONE
Truth feat. Supastition & Skit Slam /

Saturday, November 1, 2008


hey guys..anyways you figure i should love little things like this. I should advertise like, free pickles if you want to write about me?? Ummm...free advice..or cds..or free dating tips from a guy who had one girl friend in his whole life.

well i was bloggin the other day for Amalgam Digital and came across something extra-not so -ordinairy
its called hipster runoff and they comment on halloween costumes extensively in the month of october november and maybe more. They give you up to date experiences from cell-blogging (not jail cell blogging...cell phone blogging guys)

they have graphic pictures of totally un important stuff that is totally relevant and seem to be the blog to watch for. Their name is great as well. Everyone is jewish
just xoxoxoxo's them.