Thursday, August 14, 2008

audible hype DIY

Here at EIJ
we like to take not in the observance of great things. These great things are of random stumbling and super cool finds like the blog at audible hype.

I ran into it from the findings an although his relations are not completely Jewish, there is definitely signs of it through his dedication to the DIY mentality. Look for deep yet concise insight on musical advancement, (particularly hip hop) in regards to sale mechanisms and other cool friggin cool stuff..

cool friggin cool stuff?

yeah that's right. Audibly Hype write about cool firggin cool stuff. It makes sense because they address the clear cut answers for the every day artist who can't seem to know what they are really doing this for. Definitely refer to them before heading out on the road next time and make sure your stuff is in order. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you like DIY, or ha vent accepted the fact that no one has signed your band to a label yet and never will, this sight can give boost to your current situation with little gems of such.


kosha dillz

ps. make sure to check me on tour with aesop rock this upcoming week and freestyle vs written, the lp with c rayz walz done in less than 24 hours recording time,comes out

august 26th i tunes! october 14th in stores!

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