Saturday, July 12, 2008

cops of the week!

here at EVERYONE IS JEWISH, we take great pride in stupidity of our fellow law enforcers especially when we so depend on them to protect us with our high paying tax dollars. IN the latest incident which makes me feel in the safest environment for a child, lets all just take a trip to Dallas. The article below tells us that Dallas certainly has a lot more to deal with than Cowboys and Indians!

updated 8:13 a.m. ET, Thurs., July. 10, 2008 (AP)
DALLAS - Police didn't have to go far to find $400,000 worth of cocaine — it was in an undercover car they'd been driving for two months.

An officer cleaning the car at a patrol station Wednesday discovered the nearly 50 pounds of cocaine carefully hidden in hydraulically controlled compartments.

"These compartments have recently been more and more popular with drug operations," said Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, commander of the narcotics division.


now lets all take a deep breath to know that the next car we buy, insane Jewish mafia people will be attacking us for no apparent cheaper reason than gas prices and the 400,000 dollars worth of crack they are missing. Why thank you mister officer.

for more great music about how our nation is so intelligent and how George Bush wasn't to record a song with Kosha Dillz, please click the links below.

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