Monday, October 20, 2008

JEWS HAVE HORNS!-kosha dillz saves the day!

Yes its true...the Halloween festival is also known as dia de las brujas to some. As i was simply minding my own business today in K mart, shopping for a loose leaf paper to write my daily prayers on (yeah im holy), I was nearly attacked by a werewolf! Of course while I tried on a Thor hat..

this crazy person tried to attack me, thinking I was a Jew (because of the horns)

little did we know that werewolves are also Jewish. Deep down under this furry body guys is a sweet little Jewish girl who was lost.

(I'm sure you couldn't tell)<---sans the big nose of that wolf!

after the end of the ordeal we switched hats and went on our merry proud ways knowing what was who , and who was what...

besides this all...check out my CMJ schedule @ the KOSHA DILLZ myspace you can also find links to buy my album on i tunes!!
:) another job well done. (kosha save the day)
mazel tov and happy Halloween

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