Monday, October 20, 2008

cunninlynguists in va, oy vey!

so legend has it that if you take a Jew and put them in the south they become
yids mixed with hicks

don't be a yick!! Id like to say it was great to meet a Jew in Herndon VA. I cant really imagine what they were thinking in a situation like so.

anyways we "carpooled" to car pool. that club is where I met up with Kno and the gang. "thugged out since cubb scouts" and "some of you must be out yo' G-D Damned mind!" are my favorite things they did.

We had some words with each other and I must say that Kno....knows...a lot! about hip hop in general and the business side of things involved in putting out records.

Substantial was in the house as well. He WAS ON MTV...not 1...but 2!!
soon MTV JEW.

I had can you...expect me on the road with all these guys soon!!


kosha dillz

oh yeah...umm buy my record Here

and dirty acres and substantial has an LP out called SACRIFICE


Anonymous said...

actually Substantial was in rotation on MTV #1 Sucka Free Countdown for a month. just fact-checking.

kosha dillz said...

oh word!!!