Tuesday, December 9, 2008

these 19 year old girls are evil!!!

in a michigan home...these girls were found spitting in the mouths of elders who had suffered from alzheimers...they look all cute and inocent...but theyre are actually punk kids who have nothing better to do than be sinister to patients ata nursing home....this stuff urks me and the point of this blog is that looks can be decieving. Just because you seem cute doesn't mean that you can't be the most downright rotten girl to exist on this frigin planet. I hope they rot!!

Respect for elders is one of my greatest things I uphold. If an elder is an ass than they are...but in a nursing home with dementa and alzheimer's....now that isa different story.

they told press there were underage girlies who didnt snitch on them...(boo boo) they say press exaggerated charges...well...they only report the police report...and if you are on AOL news...you must've done some low down dirt rotten scoundrel crimes!!

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